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Thousands of developers integrate with SP-API to accelerate the growth of their businesses and to maximize efficiency and sales in the Amazon stores worldwide.

What is the Selling Partner API?

The Selling Partner API (SP-API) is a REST-based API that helps Amazon selling partners programmatically access their data on orders, shipments, payments, and much more. Applications using the SP-API can increase selling efficiency, reduce labor requirements, and improve response time to customers, helping selling partners grow their businesses.

APIs to help you grow

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Amazon's Selling Partner API can be used for both Selling Partners and Vendors, and is designed to improve efficiency and aid in accelerating growth.

With SP-API, you can:
  • Generate an SDK that can help you with LWA token exchange and authentication.
  • Set up an OAuth authorization workflow that Selling Partners initiate from the Selling Partner Appstore detail page or from your own website.
  • Test your applications by making calls to a sandbox environment.


Visit the documentation site to learn how to get started with our APIs, download code samples, and find answers to frequently asked questions.


Explore the tools available to developers to check the status of our APIs, test functionality, and to help you remain in compliance with security policies.

Build with SP-API

SP-API can help Sellers and Vendors list their products, add rich content to their detail pages, ship their orders and more. References, models, and use case guides are available on our documentation site here.

Some of the APIs include:


Create, edit, delete, and retrieve details about Amazon listings (SKUs) for a selling partner.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Build applications that let sellers get eligibility previews for items before shipping them to Amazon's fulfillment centers.


Develop fast, flexible, custom applications in areas like order synchronization, order research, and demand-based decision support tools.

Selling Partner Appstore

The Amazon Selling Partner Appstore is a global program for approved third-parties who are innovating on behalf of Selling Partners. Amazon Software Partners are developers providing software as a service to Amazon Selling Partners. As part of the Amazon Selling Partner Appstore, Software Partners have access to a suite of benefits including a developer dashboard, badging, and technical support.
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