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Historia de éxito de un cliente: Arbitrage Hero

Una herramienta de software para vendedores de Logística de Amazon añade una potente funcionalidad de precios B2B tras migrar a SP-API
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Acerca de Arbitrage Hero

Arbitrage Hero is software designed to help Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) sellers manage and grow their businesses. The company founder, Max Vershinin, originally built Arbitrage Hero for himself after finding that other tools were too complex and expensive for new FBA sellers. His goal was to create a simple, one-stop interface that covers product sourcing, wholesale price analysis, inventory tracking, repricing and more.

With Arbitrage Hero, FBA sellers can access wholesale price lists to find products to sell on Amazon, compare prices from multiple stores, track inventory, set rules for standard and BSB pricing, and price or reprice inventory in batches.

Two years ago, Arbitrage Hero started its programmatic app integration with Amazon MWS. Recently, however, the company adopted SP-APIs.

APIs used

  • B2B Pricing
  • Feeds
  • Reports
  • Batch Processing

Adopting API for B2B

Originally, Arbitrage Hero incorporated a simple repricing tool with limited ability to track and update prices in bulk for B2B products. Moving from MWS to SP-API would allow the company to add more B2B functionality for its customers.
After learning about the B2B Pricing API, we felt our users were missing out. B2B Pricing offers an easy way to set B2B prices and quantity discounts in one place.
The company worked with Amazon Business Teams and Developer Services to migrate from MWS and implement the B2B Pricing API. "It took us 2 weeks to add B2B support once we understood the APIs.”

Supporting bulk operations with B2B Pricing

The B2B Pricing API streamlines the process of retrieving and analyzing B2B prices from online retailers. Now, Arbitrage Hero users can track their B2B pricing and set or update quantity discounts directly from the platform.
The API covers everything related to checking and updating B2B prices for known SKUs and ASINs.

Analyzing prices at scale with Batch Processing

To complement B2B Pricing, Arbitrage Hero also employs the Feeds, Reports and Batch Processing APIs. The company uses Feeds to assist with pricing updates and Reports to pull users’ inventory and display it within the platform. Batch Processing or “Batch” APIs can help users retrieve information about multiple ASINs with a single request.
Learning about Batch APIs available in SP-API made our life much better. This API is very useful for anyone who needs to do price analysis at scale.

Future integrations

Arbitrage Hero is considering several other API integrations, such as Notifications, to help its customers get quicker updates on B2B price changes. Currently, the software fetches batch prices at regular intervals, but more frequent price change notifications would be useful for sellers who want to try more aggressive repricing in their FBA operations.

It’s also important for Arbitrage Hero to add features related to inventory and shipment tracking. To that end, the company is considering the FBA Inventory and Fulfillment Inbound APIs.
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