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Batch Operations - Catalog Items API, Product Pricing/Fees API
Batch Operations - Catalog Items API, Product Pricing/Fees API
Best Practices to Avoid Missing Orders in Orders API
This video presents a scenario when an order can go missing when calling Orders API and introduces a logic that Amazon Selling Partner API developers can implement to avoid such a situation.
How to Create Notifications for Reports
This video includes an overview and demo on how to create notifications for reports. Selling Partner API for Notifications lets you subscribe to notifications that are relevant to a selling partner’s business.

SP-API for Vendors

How to Create and Download Vendor Reports Using Reports API
How to Create and Download Vendor Reports Using Reports API
Vendor Direct Fulfillment Dynamic Sandbox
This video will talk about Amazon Selling Partner API (SP-API) vendor direct fulfillment (DF) dynamic sandbox. Find out which Vendor Direct Fulfillment APIs are supported in dynamic sandbox. It will also demo few business scenarios via Postman as well!
亚马逊SP-API For Vendors介绍以及中国开发者的探索与实践
通过该亚马逊SP-API 视频,您将了解到SP-API For Vendors的运作、应用场景以及对接流程等内容。您也可以通过视频中分享的中国开发者的案例中了解到SP-API For Vendors的价值。 Selling Partner API for Vendors可以让亚马逊Vendor实现数据管理自动化,减少人工操作成本从而扩大业务发展提高效益。

Security & compliance

Amazon Selling Partner API Guard
This video includes an overview and demo for the new Selling Partner API Guard tool.
Introduction to SP-API Security Compliance
The purpose of this video is to provide an overview of the policies driving security compliance requirements when integrating with Selling Partner API, along with what to expect and best practices.

Fireside chats & success stories

Customer Success Story with Algo (Feat. Emily Slavik)
This video includes an overview and demo for the new SelliaAs part of Introduction to Amazon Selling Partner API for Vendors webinar, we had a chance to chat with Emily Slavik, president of Algo. This short clip talks about Algo, their story with Microsoft as vendor and their integration experience with Amazon Selling Partner API.ng Partner API Guard tool.


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