Replenishment API

The Amazon Replenishment API, supporting the Subscribe & Save program, is a game-changing innovation that empowers both private and public developers to create cutting-edge dashboards for Amazon Selling Partners, providing them with the essential tools and data needed to supercharge their Subscribe & Save business.

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What is Subscribe & Save?

Amazon Subscribe & Save (SnS) is Amazon's largest physical loyalty program that automates customers' everyday needs. SnS provides recurring delivery of any replenishable item at a frequency chosen by the customer. To learn more, visit the about page.
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What is the Replenishment API?

With a commitment to enhancing convenience and driving growth, the Replenishment API grants access to Subscribe & Save program configuration details and business metrics for developers to build personalized experiences for Selling Partners, streamline their operations, and deliver customer satisfaction and loyalty. Both Sellers and Vendors can now gain a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of their Subscribe & Save performance and trends.

Key features for developers

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Personalization with build as you need
Each Selling Partner is unique, and we understand the importance of tailored experiences. This API empowers both private and public developers to build personalized Subscribe & Save experiences, customizing dashboards to align with the specific needs of each Selling Partner. Craft user-friendly dashboards, develop powerful analytics tools, and build custom reports that deliver tangible value.
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Unify data for success
With our API, Selling Partners gain flexibility to seamlessly integrate Subscribe & Save data with other dashboards from other programs providing a comprehensive panoramic view of Selling Partners’ business performance.
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Retrieve business metrics & seller offer details
The Replenishment API can return a number of metrics aggregated over a period of time. Data can also be returned at the catalog item (ASIN) level. The Replenishment API can also return details about a Selling Partner's replenishment program offers in the Subscribe & Save program.

"Access to Subscribe & Save data is instrumental to assess the returns on our investments and allows us to further promote Subscribe & Save initiatives in Amazon’s store."

Maria Guzman
VP of Strategic Accounts, OneStone

Benefits for Selling Partners

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Increased convenience
At Amazon Subscribe & Save, convenience lies at the heart of our mission. With this API, Selling Partners can now effortlessly track their Subscribe & Save performance not only on Amazon Seller Central and Vendor Central, but also through a range of developer products and services.
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Improved speed and efficiency
With the integration of Subscribe & Save data with other programs, Selling Partners gain an holistic view of their business that enables them to easily monitor progress against goals and identify emerging trends.
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Data-driven decisions
In today's fast-paced eCommerce landscape, informed decision-making is crucial for success. Make data-driven decisions with confidence with the Replenishment API.

"I am confident that gaining deeper insights into our Subscribe & Save metrics through Amazon's Replenishment API will enable us to accomplish greater effectiveness and efficiency in our Subscribe & Save business."

Katherine Harvey
Co-Founder & CEO, Bare Bones

Helpful resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the frequently asked questions about the Replenishment API.
How do I get more information on the Replenishment API?
To learn more, view the API Use Case Guide.
How do I request support?
In which countries is the API available?
The API is available worldwide wherever Amazon Subscribe & Save is live.
Is the API available for vendors as well as sellers?
Yes, the API can be accessed by both Vendors and FBA merchants. However, some of the metrics might not be available to both. Check the use case guide for details.

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If you're ready to take on the challenge, embrace the power of data, and create solutions that empower Amazon Selling Partners to thrive, look no further than the Amazon Replenishment API. Your journey to innovation begins here.

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