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Explore our essential developer tools to help you operate efficiently and power your SP-API builder operations.
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Tools for developers

We've got tools to help you build, check API status, test your solutions, and securely handle data so you can continue to grow and scale your business.
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SP-API Guard

Amazon Selling Partner API Guard (Selling Partner API Guard) is a serverless application that scans Amazon Web Services (AWS) data to assess security compliance with Amazon’s Data Protection Policy.
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SP-API Health Dashboard

The SP-API Health Dashboard is a single page with health status information for all regions (NA, EU, and FE) and can be accessed without logging in to your Amazon account.
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The Selling Partner API provides two sandbox environments that allow you to test your applications without affecting production data or triggering real-world events.
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Code samples

Build with sample code designed to help you get started.
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Data Kiosk

Data Kiosk is a secure, GraphQL-based dynamic reporting suite in Selling Partner API for accessing bulk data.
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