Guidelines for contacting Developer Support

On this page, we have outlined some points that will help us resolve your technical questions as soon as possible. Please refer to the example sentences to help structure your case.
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Seller Support is available via phone and chat, but Developer Support is only available via email due to the need to share detailed information.
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Best practices for contacting support

Please keep the following points in mind when making inquiries.
Please share clearly what blocker has been encountered, and the steps of how the problem occurred.
  • In order to isolate the problem in the progress of the investigation, the problem may be reproduced and verified in the technical support verification environment. This is a very effective troubleshooting method.
  • In such cases, please provide us with the necessary code, usage data, and environment setting information to reproduce the problem, so that our investigation can proceed smoothly.
Please let us know if you have already attempted any solutions.
  • Example: "We are trying a lot of things, but they are not working."
  • Example: "We have tried the steps in the URL below, but at the last step we got an error XXXX.***/***
  • Our support engineers may provide a variety of solutions. In such cases, the support engineer may provide a solution that has already been implemented and that you know is not effective.
  • To avoid this situation, please share the full details of any solutions you have already implemented, whenever possible.
  • As per the example, please also inform us why you have determined that the solution that has been implemented is not effective. Changing some of the procedures may make the response solution effective.
Please clearly describe the issue(s) you want to solve
  • Example: "I cannot get order information using getOrders in the Order API. The error code is XXXX. What is the best way to handle this?"
  • If you are in a hurry, you might skip the explanation and ask a question, like just the first sentence. However, if the customer's issue is fully and clearly reported, it will result in a quicker resolution.
Please share in detail what you would like to eventually achieve and your current situation.
  • Example: "When I called Operation GetOrders in Postman to do XXXX, I got the message "Error: Invalid parameters. Exceeding capacity limit" and it failed. What should I do?" The TimeStamp is 2022XXXX XX:XX (JST) and the Request ID is XXXXXXXXX."
  • If your question is omitted, we will need time to verify the content. Please do not omit anything.
  • We will look into various possibilities such as wrong Call method, lack of Call authority, temporary failure of Amazon infrastructure, etc.
  • We may guide you to other ways to get closer to "what you eventually want to achieve."
Please let us know when the problem occurred (with TimeZone) and if the problem persists
  • Example: "Timestamp of the time of occurrence is 2022XXXX XX:XX(UTC). The problem has now been resolved"
  • Example: "Timestamp of the time of occurrence is 2022XXXX XX:XX (UTC). It is still continuing."
  • It is easier to isolate the problem, leading to a quicker response.
  • Please note that older problems may not be able to be investigated in detail.
Please consider sharing logs and screenshots.
  • Providing us with a wide range of error-related information will help us to resolve the issue as soon as possible.
  • Investigation of the OS or application is primarily the responsibility of the customer. However, technical support may request logs and screenshots to help isolate the problem.
  • Attaching logs and screenshots when initially creating a case will shorten the time required to resolve the issue.
  • If you have changed the format of the logs, please attach that information as well.
About entering basic information
API Type
Select which API type “Marketplace Web Service (MWS) or Selling Partner API (SP-API)” you are asking about.
Issue Type
Select the type of question from “Getting Started, API Error, Throttling, SP API Migration, Documentation or General Inquiry”.
API Section
If you select "API error" in "issue type", please select which API you are inquiring about.
Please describe the issue
Please check the points for making inquiries at the top of the page.
Related seller or developer ID(s)
Please enter the seller or developer ID that you are actually facing the problem with.
Marketplace(s) involved
Please enter the marketplace where you are having problems.
Related API operation(s)
Please enter the API operation that is being attempted. (Example:Operation: getOrders)
SP-API/MWS Application ID(s)
Please enter your App ID.
Other tips
Recommend asking one question per case.
  • Example: Ask about API acquisition information and throttling in one case. Create 2 support cases: 1 case for technical inquiries about API retrieval information and 1 case for inquiries about throttling.
  • One support case will be handled by one engineer at one point in time, so highly independent questions may be handled more quickly if they are divided into multiple cases.
  • Please list strongly interrelated questions in one case. Our support engineer may suggest dividing the support case into multiple cases.
If a resource has been deleted, it may be difficult to find the cause of the problem
If you inquire about a deleted resource, it may be difficult to fully investigate the cause of the problem.
Inquiries about services that cross multiple accounts
  • If a service that crosses multiple accounts is not working as you expect, please submit your inquiry from each account, if possible, on both ends of the service. This may reduce the time it takes to resolve the issue.
  • If you submit a case from only one account Technical Support will not be able to check the settings of the other account. If this happens Technical Support may ask you to submit from the other account as well.
  • If it is difficult for the customer to isolate which of the two accounts is the problem we recommend that the customer submit from both accounts.
Cases that may be difficult to answer
Inquiries about the cause of failure
  • Failures are unpredictable and inevitable. Although our technical support team strives to analyze the causes, and reduce the incidence of infrastructure failures, it is difficult to completely prevent failures from occurring.
  • For this reason, we recommend "Design For Failure" (designing for failure).
  • We do not provide detailed explanations of failures. This is because we believe that providing detailed information on the cause of a failure does not affect the customer's workaround and is not essential to solving the customer's problem. Rather, we aim to quickly resolve your issues by showing you how to properly utilize our monitoring services and prioritize primary recovery.
Inquiries about Performance Indicators
  • Much of the "performance" depends on your environment and workload. Please understand that Amazon cannot provide general guidance.
  • We believe that actual measurements in your own environment may be an appropriate indicator.
Inquiries related to developer registration and app listing
  • Since it is difficult for developer support to provide guidance, we ask that you contact the related cases directly in relation to developer registration and application publication.
  • The department in charge will reply to you directly.

Customer evaluation

  • We welcome your requests for additional functions and improvements to each of our services.
  • You may submit any such requests in your support case directly. Our engineers will take care of it and connect it to our service development team.
  • We cannot promise to fulfill your request or contact you individually when we do. Nevertheless, your feedback to our service development team will be beneficial to improve our technical support services.

Requests when issues are resolved

  • If you have received a response from Technical Support and your issue has been resolved, please do not leave the support case as is, but describe on the case that it has been resolved and close it.
  • Even if you resolve the issue yourself, we recommend that you close the case by noting the status of the resolution on the support case as well. If other customers face a similar issue at a later date, this information may help us effectively resolve similar future issues.
  • We appreciate your cooperation in sharing information with technical support regarding the validity of your answers and solutions that technical support was not aware of, as this will help us to improve the quality of our support in the future.
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