Selling Partner API Guard

Guard is a serverless application that scans Amazon Web Services (AWS) accounts to assess security compliance with Amazon’s Data Protection Policy. It leverages custom scan rules built with AWS Security services to look for security gaps, and then returns a findings report with clear remediation recommendations after 24 hours.

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“Guard is a fantastic compliance tool for the Amazon Selling Partner Audit. It only takes a few minutes to set up and connect to your AWS infrastructure. Before we started using Guard, we were paying for several third party tools to stay in compliance with Amazon policy. Now, Guard ensures that we're in compliance with a fraction of the effort and cost.”

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How does Guard work?

Guard democratizes security controls through fast and continuous assessments that evaluate Developers' security configurations against Amazon’s Data Protection Policy (DPP) requirements and industry best practices, and generates diagnosis to help user with decisions making on suitable security solutions. It identifies issues that could potentially lead to data incidents enabling Developers to stay ahead in mitigating risks.

Guard is designed to simplify complex ambiguous concepts into actionable insights and make it accessible to Developers of all sizes so that they can focus on growing their business.
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Save time and improve efficiency
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Key benefits and features

Guard allows you to reduce manual effort by managing self-service security audits, quickly assess and maintain your security compliance, and download and share reports with your stakeholders.
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Reduce manual efforts of compliance audit for Selling Partner API Developers by >65% reduction*
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Ensure distribution of findings in 24 hours*
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Automatically store findings in a secure read-only Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) bucket
*These stats are averages and may not be representative of all businesses.
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With Guard's automated assessment, we have increased our confidence that our platform is compliant while reducing many of the headaches of manual reviews, large spreadsheets, and long email chains.
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How to access Guard

Step 1

Log in to Seller Central. If you’re not yet registered, sign up here.

Step 2

Navigate to the Guard page
Click ‘Develop Apps’ under ‘Partner Network’ from the homepage menu, where you will see a line about Guard with a ‘New!’ icon. Click 'Get Started', and you will see Guard’s product page in Seller Central.

Step 3

Review the Guard Implementation Guide
Visit SP-API’s documentation site, which hosts Guard’s Implementation Guide, support resources, FAQ, and more.

Step 4

Launch the AWS CloudFormation stack
From the SP-API documentation site's implementtion guide, launch Guard’s CloudFormation stack.

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