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The application process differs based on your application type: Private Seller, Private Vendor, Public Seller/Vendor.
Create developer account
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You must register as a Selling Partner API developer before you can register your Selling Partner API application. For a demo of developer registration and a walkthrough of Seller Central, refer to the Register as an SP-API Developer video on SP-API Developer University.

The procedure for registering as a developer varies slightly depending on the type of application that you plan to create:
Private seller applications: Applications for sellers that are available only to your organization, and are self-authorized.
Private vendor applications: Vendor applications that are available only to your organization, and are self-authorized.
Public seller and vendor applications: Applications that are publicly available and are authorized by sellers or by vendors using OAuth. In accordance with the Amazon Services API Developer Agreement, public developers must list their app in the Amazon Selling Partner Appstore.

Register as a public developer

Step 1

Create Seller Central account

You must register for Seller Central account prior to registering as a developer.

Only Professional Selling Accounts can register to develop or integrate with Selling Partner API. Individual accounts are not eligible. You can upgrade your account to a professional plan at any time.

You must be a primary account user to complete registration.
Step 2

Access developer console

After creating a Seller Central account, select Apps and Services in the main menu, and select Develop Apps to access the Developer Console.
Step 3

Complete developer profile

The Developer Profile collects your organization’s contact information, information about the data you require in Amazon Services APIs, and security and use information to ensure your compliance with Amazon’s Acceptable Use Policy, Data Protection Policy, Developer Agreement, and access requirements.

After you complete the Developer Profile, Amazon will evaluate your information and create a case with next steps. You may be asked to provide additional information or documentation, so you must complete all fields truthfully and accurately.
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