Amazon MWS

Recommendations API Section - Version 2013-04-01


The Recommendations API section of Amazon MWS allows you to programmatically retrieve Amazon Selling Coach recommendations by recommendation category. A recommendation is an actionable, timely, and personalized opportunity to increase your sales and performance. Recommendations are provided for the following categories:

  • Inventory: Recommendations for restocking low or out of stock items in your inventory.
  • Selection: Recommendations for new product opportunities to list on Amazon.
  • Pricing: Recommendations to review pricing on items in your inventory where your offer is not the lowest price.
  • Fulfillment: Recommendations for the top products to fulfill through Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).
  • Listing Quality: Recommendations for fixing your current listing defects.
  • Global Selling: Recommendations for expanding your products to more regions and marketplaces.
  • Advertising: Recommendations for advertising your products and for using the sponsored products program.

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