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Customer success story: CedCommerce

A multichannel eCommerce enabler that lets retailers save considerable time and costs by utilizing APIs.
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About CedCommerce

CedCommerce is an ecommerce software and services provider that helps online merchants manage their operations across international territories and channels. The platform offers 50+ secure sales channel tools, smooth merchant onboarding, and streamlined product data feeds. CedCommerce offers support for Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, BigCommerce, OpenCart, Prestashop, and more, enabling over 40,000 merchants around the globe to benefit from its multi-channel capabilities.

The company prides itself on a high level of service and customer satisfaction. It offers tailored integration solutions as well as 24/7 customer support and free product updates.
CedCommerce provides free lifetime updates to keep businesses up to date with the latest technologies. We’re constantly evolving to make the process of selling easier and smoother.
Abhishek JaiswalCo-Founder and CEO, CedCommerce
CedCommerce tools make it easier for sellers to manage their businesses from their own websites and channels. By integrating with CedCommerce, Amazon sellers can streamline and centralize their operations. Recently, the company adopted SP-APIs to help its customers do a whole lot more.

Choosing SP-API

CedCommerce was looking for a reliable and scalable API solution, one that would reduce costs, increase efficiency, and improve the customer experience. More specifically, the company needed to help its users manage listing updates more efficiently, send and receive faster notifications, and cut down on manual authentication between Seller Central and the CedCommerce platform.

Some of CedCommerce’s technical requirements were even more specific. It needed an API with OAuth implementation for automatic authorization and token processing, a dedicated Notifications API, JSON-based API support, and a provider that offered client libraries for developer programming languages.
SP-API allows for the automation of notifications and streamlined updates, which helps CedCommerce provide more efficient and cost-effective service. Additionally, having the JSON-based Listing API was another important factor which drove our decision.
Himanshu RauthanCo-Founder, CedCommerce
To date, we have successfully completed over 50 integrations and have determined that the SP-API is the most user-friendly for developers, providing all the essential features required.

An API for (almost) everything

CedCommerce supports sellers with myriad needs around the world. To do so, it leverages a growing list of API integrations.
  • Sellers API
    Confirms whether a seller is allowed to sell in a particular marketplace or territory.
  • Feeds API
    Lists products and syncs inventory, price, images, and order fulfillment across feeds and channels.
  • Reports API
    Updates and syncs Amazon Listings statuses.
  • Catalog Items API
    Allows sellers to search for existing items in the Amazon catalog by product identifiers (UPC, EAN, etc).
  • Fulfillment Outbound API
    Helps fulfill orders using MCF.
  • Orders API
    Fetches unshipped orders from Amazon.
  • Notifications API Automatically streamlines notifications and sends updates related to Feeds and Reports.
The Notifications API has been a great addition to our organization. We've been able to reduce costs associated with server infrastructure and maintenance. The time savings have also been significant, allowing us to focus more on our core operations.
Himanshu SahuTech Lead, CedCommerce
The Notifications API has proven particularly useful. With automated notifications for Feeds, Listings, and Orders, CedCommerce sellers no longer have to pull information manually or reconcile data between platforms.

From manual entry to automated integration

Before SP-API, CedCommerce relied on manual entry for authentication on Seller Central. The process failed frequently, with a low authentication success rate, and often required re-verifying tokens. Now, SP-API has replaced all that with automation.
Prior to SP-API, the process was tedious and prone to errors…It was difficult to maintain a high level of service and customer satisfaction. We also faced scalability issues when onboarding multiple users.
Satya PrakashSenior Solution Architect, CedCommerce

Improved operations, improved customer service

After adopting SP-API, CedCommerce was able to offer better service for its customers. It also observed significant benefits to its own operation in terms of time, costs, and scalability.

“SP-API has enabled us to do many things that weren't possible before.” - Ankit Singh, Tech Lead, CedCommerce.

Thanks to the OAuth implementation, the company can securely connect third-party systems with its own platform, allowing CedCommerce to access and share data with partners. The JSON-based API makes data integration faster and simpler. And the Notifications API lets CedCommerce send real-time notifications to its customers.
All of this has had a major impact on our mission, as it has allowed us to quickly and efficiently build relationships, integrate systems, and provide better service to our customers.
Gaurav Mani and Akash ChaddhaPartnership Leads, CedCommerce

Find the CedCommerce app in the Selling Partner Appstore here.
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