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An innovative tool that connects online shoppers with local brick-and-mortar retailers that use SP-API to support Amazon Click & Collect
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About youbuyda

German local commerce service provider youbuyda helps online shoppers find products in nearby stores. Its mission is to strengthen retailers and revitalize business districts with simple, locally-focused tools that integrate physical shops with online shopping experiences. The company won the 2022 award for “Best Omnichannel Innovation” from the Austrian Retail Association.

Youbuyda is designed for brick-and-mortar merchants who want to maintain online sales channels, including Amazon, while focusing on the physical store experience. Physical retailers can make their inventories available online, allowing local customers to see nearby product info, availability, and purchase options in search results. Then, youbuyda helps selling partners track and fulfill online orders through a centralized interface.
Retailers can only remain competitive in the long term if their products can also be seen and purchased online. Our mission is to make it as easy as possible to take a store and its products to where the consumers are searching: marketplaces like Amazon.
Annabell OcsofszkiBusiness Operations Manager, youbuyda

Supporting Amazon Click & Collect

In 2022, youbuyda expanded its service offerings to support Amazon Click & Collect. Click & Collect allows shoppers to purchase a product on Amazon, then pick it up in person.
The Click & Collect program was a great opportunity for us to extend youbuyda as a local commerce suite. With it, we enable selling partners to connect to another online sales channel—with a focus on bringing local customers back to the store.
Annabell OcsofszkiBusiness Operations Manager, youbuyda
To facilitate that experience—and uphold the company’s values of simplicity and ease of use—youbuyda uses multiple SP-APIs behind the scenes.

Seamless implementation for a seamless customer experience

“When the Amazon Click & Collect program was announced, implementing the SP-API was the next logical step.” - Annabell Ocsofszki, Business Operations Manager, youbuyda

Youbuyda wanted to offer as many selling partners as possible the opportunity to participate in Click & Collect . The company decided to design a single standard for Amazon integration, one that would allow every selling partner on youbuyda to add Amazon sales channels and start processing orders right away. This “plugin” solution could be used immediately, without time- and resource-intensive setup at each retailer.

“Integrators working with youbuyda as a plug-and-play solution save money, time and work, because they can offer Click & Collect without any new software development.” - Annabell Ocsofszki, Business Operations Manager, youbuyda

Because youbuyda supports basic functions similar to Click & Collect, much of the relevant software development predated the Amazon integration. Youbuyda selling partners could already manage online order fulfillment, track inventory, and update product information from a centralized interface. With all of that in place, integrating the APIs needed for Click & Collect took a mere 3 months.

Stacking APIs for a plug-and-play solution

The “plugin” solution uses the following APIs. Each one supports the overall Click & Collect integration for youbuyda retailers.
  • Catalog Items API
    Allows selling partners to search for local stock in the catalog with near-real time inventory.
  • Orders API
    When orders are processed from the Notifications API, the Orders API loads key information not contained in the initial notification.
  • Reports API
    Pulls up additional information about each order; reduces the amount of requests (and API calls) to retrieve the selling partner’s catalog.
  • Supply Sources API (under Selling Partner Insights)
    Creates representations of physical stores on Amazon. Selling partners can adjust opening times, store details, and other settings such as time estimates for pickup orders.
  • Listings API
    While large stock movements are sent through the Feeds API, smaller changes go through Listings to prevent bottlenecking.
  • Feeds API
    Primarily used to adjust local inventory of supply sources, but it also helps refund or adjust Click & Collect orders.
  • Notifications API
    Set up SNS-notifications to achieve the fewest and shortest possible delays.

A better experience for retailers and integrators

Since most ecommerce and integration tools don’t offer Click & Collect, youbuyda has seen an increase in new customers who appreciate the functionality.
We can now provide pickup through Amazon. This increases the reach of our selling partners tremendously, helping us on our mission to support stationary retailers in the long run.
Annabell OcsofszkiBusiness Operations Manager, youbuyda
Retail software providers that specialize in shipping—known as integrators—have started using youbuyda for Click & Collect order management. For integrators, youbuyda is a plug-and-play solution: it’s both simple and robust enough to fulfill their customers’ demand for Click & Collect.
While integrators specialize in managing shipping processes, youbuyda specializes in managing processes (Click & Collect orders). Youbuyda’s plug-and-play solution serves as a complement for integrators who do not have the resources to implement Click & Collect—or who do not want to due to strategic alignment—but still want to offer it to their selling partners.
Annabell OcsofszkiBusiness Operations Manager, youbuyda

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