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An innovative product experience management platform uses APIs to help brands engage shoppers effectively on every channel
"API integration means we have full category support and total global support, so we can impact entire global product brands."
Jennifer Cartmill
Principal Retail Success Manager, Salsify
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About Salsify

Boston-based software development company Salsify has been an Amazon partner since 2013, helping brands, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in over 140 countries succeed on the digital shelf. Its goal is to develop cutting-edge solutions that ensure conversion-boosting product experiences on each Amazon Product Detail Page (PDP).

Using a flexible data model and key API integrations, Salsify enables Amazon vendors and sellers to centralize and manage product content on a single platform; adapt and distribute accurate information to each selling channel; and automate workflows to maximize operational efficiency.
We support the entire product page lifecycle on Amazon across the globe. Whether you’re listing products for the first time or updating product content during a brand refresh, Salsify can help you deliver superior product experiences on every channel.
Sarah FischbaughSenior Product Marketing Manager, Salsify

APIs used

One platform for all your needs

Shoppers today rely heavily on digital touch points to discover, research, and purchase the products they need. Salsify understood that to thrive in this increasingly virtual marketplace, brands needed to offer customers superior product experiences, with consistent, accurate information across all selling channels. As the only unified Product Experience Management (PXM) platform on the market, Salsify provides a single source of truth to help brands easily manage product content and populate their PDPs with complete information.
With product information management and syndication capabilities in one platform, brands can dynamically meet channel content needs, adapt to market changes, and enable disparate departments to collaborate together. As a result, brands can get to market faster with content that is always accurate, optimized, and compliant.
Sarah FischbaughSenior Product Marketing Manager, Salsify

Solution spotlight: A+ API

In 2018, Salsify launched Enhanced Content for Amazon, integrating with the A+ Content API to help vendors and sellers create engaging A+ content layouts. Not only are enhanced content layouts proven to help boost conversion, but A+ API validations offer actionable feedback for an improved experience and faster publishing.

Alongside A+ API, Salsify’s PXM platform also combines the following game-changing API integrations:
  • Product Type Definitions
    Surfaces up-to-date requirements for all Product Types globally.
  • Listing Items
    Creates and updates product listings at scale.
  • Notifications
    Provides transparency for any listings issues as soon as they arise, with detailed resolution paths documented in partnership with Amazon.
We’ve been able to integrate APIs with pre-built workflows for increased automation. For example, our Listings Backfill Workflow brings Amazon data directly into Salsify. That kind of extended functionality and efficient data exchange helps our customers operate more effectively and engage shoppers more meaningfully.
Sarah FischbaughSenior Product Marketing Manager, Salsify

Helping customers succeed

Salsify’s customers typically sell a high number of SKUs with high turnover due to frequent launching or retiring of products, updating content, seasonal rotations, or all of the above. As such, having a simple, unified tool to manage product content globally has been a huge win. Centralized, automated data management helps decrease manual effort and increase workflow efficiency, so brands can syndicate more content to more destinations in less time.
From a customer perspective, having one platform means greater productivity, more efficiency, and more time saved. Our customers have been able to ensure greater content coverage for more of their SKUs sold on Amazon, expand their content coverage globally, drive more conversion with the addition of A+ content layouts, and keep their content accurate and updated.
Sarah FischbaughSenior Product Marketing Manager, Salsify

Reaching farther

To achieve total Amazon activation success, brands need to stay up to date with changing requirements for global syndication. Salsify works continuously to stay informed about all updates and requirements within Amazon to help customers keep up with the changes, automatically transform content into the required formats, and syndicate content globally.
After adopting the SP-API in 2022, we witnessed a remarkable 74% surge in product publications compared to the previous year (2021-2022) via Salsify. This significant boost in publishing activity coincided with the introduction of the API.
Jennifer CartmillPrincipal Retail Success Manager, Salsify
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Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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