February 2022

Introducing new seller registration URLs for Software Partners

We recognize many of our Software Partners encourage customers to sell in Amazon’s store. We want to partner with you to help these shared customers succeed and acknowledge your contribution via improved support, technical, and go-to-market resources. To best identify and support these new sellers, we are providing a unique registration link and reftag. Simply encourage your customers to use your Amazon seller registration link when they sign-up to sell in Amazon’s store.

Trending apps feature launched in the Amazon Seller Central Partner Network (ASCPN) home page

In December 2021 we launched a new feature in ASCPN to help Selling Partners discover which apps are trending up based on the number of authorizations. An app’s trending score is based on week-over-week authorization count in order to allow apps with both small and large user bases to trend equally. The trending feature is complementary to customers’ reviews in helping Sellers explore and decide on which software is the best option for their businesses.

Presenting the Amazon Seller Central Partner Network badge

The Amazon Seller Central Partner Network (ASCPN) Software Partner Badge recognizes Software Partners with a listing in the Amazon Seller Central Partner Network. You may use the Software Partner Badge to demonstrate your status as an ASCPN Software Partner on your own website, in online or offline advertisements, under the condition to comply with the Trademark Usage Guidelines. You may also find the badge and the guidelines in the FAQ Help Page.
Amazon Software Partner badge

MWS migration to SP-API

On December 8, 2021, we posted updates to our Migration announcements clarifying the July 31, 2022 due date for MFN, Orders, Reports and RDT requirements only applies to all MWS 3P public Software Partners. We also updated the MWS Products API deprecation announcement, stating we have extended the deprecation timeline by 6 months, to September 30, 2022. This deprecation now includes all MWS Product API operations for 3P public applications. Lastly, on January 26, 2022, we announced a new due date that requires all MWS 3P public Software Partners to fully migrate usage of any other MWS API to SP-API by December 31, 2022. You can find more details about all these requirements on this announcement.
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