May 2021

We are excited to announce the launch of Enhanced Detail Page content for your app listings in the Marketplace Appstore. With Enhanced Detail Page content, you can showcase your apps with multiple images and banners, add screen shots, and help Sellers make app purchasing decisions. Update your app listing with new image tiles and banners, and increase your customer appeal and satisfaction.

Enhanced Detail Page content is free for all developers in the Marketplace Appstore. To add Enhanced Detail Page content, please update your app listing in Developer Central.

Why should I add Enhanced Detail Page content to my listings?

  • Increase customer engagement by effectively showcasing your product.
  • Enable sellers looking for apps to understand your product and make faster purchasing decisions.
  • Better tell your story.
  • Stand out from others offering similar products.

How do I add Enhanced Detail Page content?

In the app listing form you will see additional thumbnails where you can upload up to 6 extra images and 2 banners representing your product.

Developer listing form:

How to set up a detail page screenshot
Developer listing form
How to set up a detail page screenshot
Developer listing form

What does Enhanced Detail Page content look like to customers?

Customers see additional images and can click to enlarge. They will also see banners and additional content “From the developer” explaining the value proposition of your app.
Screenshot of a detail page
Enhanced detail page - customer facing

What are best practices when adding Enhanced Detail Page content?

  • Fast-growing Be mindful of image size and resolution country (population of 11.5MM).
    • Images: minimum 300 x 300 pixels
    • Banners: minimum 970 x 300 pixels
  • Recently launched country, Keep content short and to the point mover advantage.
  • Account management support, especially for Proofread content before uploading it events.
  • Keeping your images more visual than textual
  • Pair descriptive text with banner images
  • Emphasize the value proposition of your product
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