April 2022

Support to Ukraine developers

Like many of you around the world, we have been watching what’s happening in Ukraine with horror, concern, and heavy hearts. Amazon has long been committed to the communities where our partners live and work. Shortly after the conflict in Ukraine started, we identified and established a direct communication line with affected developers to offer our support and help ensure the stability of their business operations to the extent of our capabilities. You can read more about what Amazon is doing to support Ukraine and let us know if your business is interrupted by reaching out to Developer Support.

SP-API baselining launch announcement

In March, we launched annual authorization baselining for SP-API applications. Selling partners will now be required to renew authorizations once a year, for any public SP-API app they currently have authorized. Previously, this feature was only available to MWS apps, and Hybrid apps (that use both SP-API and MWS). Amazon will send a 30-day notice to selling partners informing them that their SP-API app authorization is about to expire. They can renew the authorization within Seller Central, under 'Manage your Apps' if they want to continue to use that particular app. If the selling partner does not renew the authorization of the app before the expiration date, the app will no longer be authorized to access the seller's data. If you are a public developer with an SP-API based application, you can remind your app users to renew the authorization of your application once every year if they get an email from us!

MWS Migration to SP-API

As a reminder to all third-party public MWS developers, the due date for the first phase of migration for the MWS Merchant Fulfillment (MFN), Order, and Reports sections is July 31, 2022. Your organization may have received a message via email or in your Seller Central Case Log requesting you to complete a Migration Plan Form. If you have not already done so, please submit your responses as soon as possible.

You can also check out the new SP-API Migration Hub, where you can find the latest information to support your migration efforts this year! If you have any questions related to MWS migration, you can also open a case with Developer Support.

Business Reports launch in SP-API

In March, we launched Sales and Traffic Report in SP-API. This report contains key sales performance metrics such as ordered product sales, revenue, units ordered, and claim amount, as well as page traffic metrics such as page views and feature offer percentage of the seller’s entire catalog items. The data provided by this report was previously only available in the Seller Central Business Reports site, thus offering faster and easier access to business data, date and ASIN granularity, scheduling of automatic report delivery, and deeper business insights to help sellers optimize their business.

Amazon Business B2B API suite now available to API developers

Did You Know? Since launching in the U.S. in 2015, Amazon Business has expanded to eight additional countries and reached $25 billion in worldwide annualized sales! More than half of the sales are from third-party sellers with a majority of third-party Sellers on also selling to Amazon Business customers.

Amazon Business now provides API developers with B2B API suite to further enhance and accelerate the selling experience:
  • Create Business Pricing and Quantity Discounts – Incentivize business customers and increase your chances of being the Featured Offer for business customers. Use the Feeds API to add Business Pricing and Quantity Discounts.
  • Manage Request for Customer Specific Quantity Discounts – Respond to exclusive discount requests (RFQ) from business customers requesting one-off Bulk quantity discounts. Use the Reports API to pull customer’s requests. Use the Feeds API to upload response.

    Easily view and respond to quantity discount requests from Amazon Business customers.
  • Identify B2B Selection Opportunities – Stay ahead by receiving personalized product selection recommendations based on gaps between business customer demand signals and sellers’ current product listings. Use the Recommended for You Reports API to download recommended high-demand products. Use Products Not Yet on Amazon Reports API to download highly requested products that may not be available in the Amazon store.

    Sell smarter with personalized product recommendations for each seller using a combination of customer demand signals and sellers’ current product listings.
  • Automate Rule Based Pricing for B2B – Develop automated repricing solutions to stay competitive with respect to Featured Offer Price/Lowest Price for B2B customers. Use ‘B2B Any Offer Changed Notification’ B2B AOCN (only SP API) to receive push notifications with B2B Featured Offer prices, lowest prices based on price changes. Use Product Pricing API (available only in SP API) to pull B2B pricing on-demand.
    Stay competitive by receiving push notifications whenever there is a price change in any of the top 20 B2B offers for an item listed by the seller.
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