August 2022

Visit the Amazon Selling Partner Appstore to discover third-party apps

Whether you are looking to optimize listing, pricing, shipping, or automate a variety of other essential selling operations, the Amazon Selling Partner Appstore can help you find the right solution. Previously known as the Amazon Seller Central Partner Network, the Amazon Selling Partner Appstore boasts over 2,500 verified third-party apps ready to help you automate, manage, and grow your business. Discover helpful solutions from our carefully selected and continuously monitored third-party apps, with features such as Recommended for You, which highlights apps enjoyed by sellers like you.

Recommended for you feature launched on the Amazon Selling Partner Appstore (SPA) home page

In June of 2022, Amazon launched a new feature in SPA to display personalized app recommendations to logged-in Selling Partners. The feature uses machine learning to match Selling Partners with apps that similar Selling Partners have authorized and helps Selling Partners discover the apps most relevant to their business needs. Amazon looks forward to continuing to evolve the feature through improved personalization.

MWS Migration to SP-API and MWS sunset announcement

July 31, 2022 is the first due date for migration that will affect all third-party public developers using the following API sections: MWS Merchant Fulfillment (MFN), Orders, and Reports API.

Amazon will block access to these three MWS sections for all third-party public apps after this due date. Over 90% of all third-party developers have taken steps to migrate to SP-API with over 20% on track for completing migration for all MWS sections early. Amazon also recently posted an announcement sharing that MWS will no longer be available for use after December 31, 2023, and included the 2023 due dates for private app developers to migrate to SP-API. Amazon will continue to share updates to support migration efforts as they become available.

The Selling Partner Appstore is now live in Belgium

Amazon has expanded Selling Partner Appstore to Belgium! All Developers with an EU Developer ID may support operations in this country. Visit Amazon MWS endpoints and MarketplaceId values to view Belgium's endpoint information. Amazon encourages you to expand your business and to update your listings to maximize your seller reach.

Why expand your business to Belgium?

  • Fast-growing emerging country (population of 11.5MM).
  • Recently launched country, first mover advantage.
  • Account management support, especially for deal events.
  • Early Featured Offer eligibility.
  • Ongoing launch promotions.
Stay tuned for more country launches in 2022.

Join us at Amazon Accelerate 2022, taking place on September 14 and 15, 2022

This premier annual seller conference offers a unique experience for all attendees, whether attending in-person in Seattle or virtually from anywhere. You’ll hear directly from Amazon senior leaders about the new products, tools, and resources Amazon is launching to help grow your business. You’ll also participate in a personalized and immersive conference experience, with a guided customized agenda to accelerate your selling journey!

Amazon Solution Partner Guard

Amazon is looking for Beta testers for Guard, a product that simplifies evaluation of developer security controls in the AWS environment. Guard reduces the manual effort required to complete a security audit, by enabling self-service that makes proving compliance with Amazon’s Data Protection Policy requirements easier. Participants will receive dedicated technical support for feature testing and will help shape the product’s roadmap to meet their business needs.

For more information, please email with the subject Beta test.

Amazon Click and Collect In-Store now available in UK and Germany

In June, Amazon launched Click and Collect in Store - also known as Buy Online Pick Up in Store (BOPIS) - in the UK and Germany. With this new program, Selling Partners with a physical storefront can now allow customers to buy online through Amazon and pick up the items from their store the same day.

This free delivery option offers customers more choice and convenience, while giving Selling Partners an opportunity to increase sales and in-store traffic.

This program is invite-only for Selling Partners for now and is already available in the UK and Germany. It will be rolled out in France, Italy, and Spain among selected merchants. If you have Selling Partners that qualify for the program and are interested in learning more about the program, the Click and Collect in-store team can provide more detail about this new program and the required API development.

Please reach out to us by email: Selected Integrators and merchants will benefit from a dedicated Amazon Account Manager and Solution Architect.

Selling Partner API Blog launch announcement

In March, Amazon launched the Selling Partner API Blog. Developers now have additional resources, curated by Amazon Solution Architects and API experts, that will help their journey with the Selling Partner API. The blog posts cover relevant topics for new and existing SP-API developers. Among them, you will find content on strategies to optimize rate limits for SP-API applications, MWS to SP-API migration, and a guide to correctly address key security controls. New blog posts will continue to be added. At the end of each blog post, you can vote and share your feedback to let us know if you found the content useful or would like us to cover a specific topic.

Amazon Business B2B - AnyOfferChangeNotification (AOCN) API enhancements update

Notifications API enhancements:

The B2B AnyOfferChangeNotification (AOCN) has been updated to correctly handle the two new attributes, processingDirective and aggregationSettings, which allow filtering by marketplace and the time period to aggregate changes for the notification respectively.

Batch operations for retrieving information for a list of products now available

The Product Fees API and Product Pricing API now include batch operations to retrieve information for a list of products. Amazon strongly encourages developers migrating to these APIs to use the new batch operations to most efficiently call these APIs, instead of calling these APIs one-by-one. The Product Pricing API includes new getItemOffersBatch and getListingOffersBatch operations that retrieve product pricing and offer product information in a list. For more information, refer to the Product Pricing API Use Case Guide.

getItemOffersBatch Returns the lowest priced offers for a batch of items based on ASIN. APIs associated with this feature are : GetItemOffersBatchRequest / GetItemOffersBatchResponse.

getListingOffersBatch Returns the lowest priced offers for a batch of listings by SKU. APIs associated with this feature are: GetListingOffersBatchRequest / GetListingOffersBatchResponse.

Please note that batch APIs help to retrieve pricing information for up to 20 products. There is a prerequisite to have a Pricing and Product Listing role assigned to your developer profile.

Delivery to Amazon Pickup Points Enabled for Merchant Fulfilled Network (MFN)

Amazon has launched Amazon pickup points Delivery Program (previously called Access Points) for merchant-fulfilled orders. By making Amazon pickup points available for merchant-fulfilled orders, our Selling Partners can offer customers a convenient and secure alternative to home delivery.

Through this program, Selling Partners and Customers can provide a smooth shipping and delivery experience.

How can you set it up?

Pickup point orders can be identified with the IsAccessPointOrder attribute and the destination pickup location is indicated with the StoreChainStoreId attribute, both of which are in Orders API.

You can also refer to Order Report in Seller Central for additional information.

Help your Sellers restore Featured Offer eligibility by setting competitive prices

Plankpad founder, Andre Reinegger, was inspired to design the product after unsuccessfully relieving his back pain through existing therapies and medications. He created the first Plankpad product in 2018, a balance board that combines working out with the fun of playing games. David Cervenka, Chief Strategist, joined the company in 2019, excited by the gamification of the design that makes exercising fun for the whole family. Since then, Plankpad has launched internationally, was honored with the German Design Award, and won the German Innovation Award from the German Design Council.

You can subscribe to the Selling Partner Pricing Health Notification by following these steps:

1. Navigate to the Notifications API v1 Use Case Guide.

2. Follow the steps in Tutorial: Set up notifications (Amazon Simple Queue Service workflow).

3. Grant permissions for Amazon to publish to your Simple Queue Service (SQS), create an SQS destination, and create a subscription for PRICING_HEALTH notifications as described in the tutorial.

Let’s keep in touch!

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Activity on your Seller Central account will also prevent deactivation due to inactivity. Take a minute once a month to log in to your Seller Central account to avoid losing access.
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