June 2021

Unification of Marketplace Appstore and Service Network Provider

We are excited to announce the upcoming unification of the Marketplace Appstore and the Service Provider Network on July 30, 2021, as the Amazon Seller Central Partner Network, a ‘one-stop shop’ for Amazon sellers to discover trusted apps and services to help grow and manage their business. Developers offering apps to multiple sellers in the Marketplace Appstore will be enrolled in the Amazon Seller Central Partner Network as Software Partners.

What are the benefits of being a Software Partner?
We are committed to investing in your success and are launching features to help you build and market your business in the Amazon store, including the recent launch of the App Listings dashboard with key performance metrics, and Enhanced Detail Page content. This summer, we will launch a ‘Software Partner’ badge for use on your website and in your marketing campaigns. To sellers, this badge will signify that your app has been audited for compliance with Amazon policies.

What do I need to do be included in the Amazon Seller Central Partner Network?
No action is required from you at this time. All listings and any applications in progress will be automatically transferred to the new unified site and developers will be enrolled as Software Partners.

If you have additional questions, please reach out to

Marketplace Appstore launched in Egypt marketplace

We have expanded the Marketplace Appstore to Egypt (EG)! All developers with an EU developer ID may support operations in this new country. You can find Egypt’s endpoint information here. We encourage you to expand your business and to update your listings to maximize your seller reach.
Why expand your business to Egypt?
  • Fast-growing emerging country (with a population of 100.5MM).
  • Recently launched country, first mover advantage.
  • Account management support, especially for deal events.
  • Early Featured Offer eligibility.
  • Ongoing launch promotions.
We are working to continuously expand the Marketplace Appstore. Stay tuned for more country launches in 2021.

APIs launched in June 2021

On June 2nd, 2021, we released the following APIs and updates:
  • Product Type Definitions API v2020-09-01
    This is a foundational API that allows you to search and retrieve Amazon product type definitions, which describe the attribute and data requirements for items in the Amazon catalog using JSON Schemas. The JSON Schemas represent the format of data used by the Listings Items API, the Catalog Items API, and the JSON_LISTING_FEED.
  • Listings Items API v2020-09-01]
    The Listings Items v2020-09-01 API that works with the Product Type Definitions API and allows you to create, edit, and delete Amazon listings (SKUs) for merchants and vendors; including product details (such as item names and bullet points) and sales terms (such as price, cost, and inventory). Using the JSON Schemas provided by the Product Type Definitions API, you can validate data requirements are met prior to submission with the Listings Items API.
To learn more, see the Selling Partner API for Listings Items model, API Reference, and Use Case Guide

Upgrade your Detail Page!

The Enhanced Detail Page content, launched in May 2021, is a feature that allows you to showcase your apps with multiple images, banners, and add screen shots. By adding the enhanced content you can:
  • Increase customer engagement by effectively showcasing your product.
  • Enable sellers looking for apps to understand your product and make faster purchasing decisions.
  • Better tell your story.
  • Stand out from others offering similar products.
Update your app listing with new image tiles and banners, and increase your customer appeal and satisfaction updating your app listing in Developer Central!
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