March 2021

New feature launch: App Listing dashboard

You can now access Marketplace Appstore performance metrics for your app listings. Using the App Listings dashboard you can download detail page views, website visits, and authorizations data for up to two years. You can also use the App Listings dashboard to track the status of your app listings, edit, or create a new listing.

To access the dashboard, please login using your primary account - the account from which you manage your app listings - and click “View App listings” in Developer Central.
Screenshot of listing dashboard
Your App listings dashboard

Marketplace Appstore now live in Sweden and Poland​​​​​

We have expanded the Marketplace Appstore to two new countries, Sweden (SE) and Poland (PL)! All developers with an EU developer ID may support operations in these new countries. You can find Sweden and Poland’s endpoint information here. We encourage you to expand your business and to update your listings to maximize your seller reach.
  • Fast-growing emerging countries (combined population of 48MM).
  • Recently launched countries, first mover advantage.
  • Account management support, especially for deal events.
  • Early Featured Offer eligibility.
  • Ongoing launch promotions.
We are working to continuously expand the Marketplace Appstore. Stay tuned for more country launches in 2021.

Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) added to supported programs

The Marketplace Appstore now allows Sellers to search for apps that support Amazon’s Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) program, which provides access to a world-class fulfillment network and trusted shipping options for all ecommerce orders.

Make sure to increase your discoverability by updating the programs supported and other app details in your app listing in Developer Central.

New category: Disbursement Solutions

Icon: money icon with world icon inside of it
Disbursement Solutions category icon
The Disbursement Solutions category presents solutions for Sellers who do not have a bank account directly issued to them by a deposit-taking bank accepting disbursements in their Amazon store currency. To learn about joining the Payment Service Provider Program, please write to and provide your company name, official website, and email addresses.

Presenting the Marketplace Appstore and Selling Partner Network (SPN) explainer video

On December 2020 we launched a new Marketplace Appstore and Selling Partner Network (SPN) animated video. The video offers digestible, high-level explanations of selling in the Amazon store topics with illustration assets.

The explainer video serves as a tool to further promote the Marketplace Appstore and SPN on different channels such as page and social media.
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