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Customer success story: ZYing

A cross-border e-commerce platform uses SP-API to enable automated data analytics and detailed inventory tracking across the global supply chain
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About ZYing

ZYing is a software platform based in China that offers enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for global e-commerce. Its data-based ERP solutions are tailored for cross-border sellers, with robust inventory and tracking capabilities that help simplify logistics and reduce risk across the entire supply chain. Zying’s innovative inventory sharing system facilitates cooperation between factories, warehouses, and sellers, which can prevent inventory backlog and promote production based on sales.

Serving global Amazon sellers

Since 2015, ZYing has helped cross-border Amazon sellers manage their operations more efficiently, improve sales, and reduce costs across the supply chain. Its detailed inventory tracking also helps sellers fulfill their own international shipping, provide returns, and avoid user fraud.
ZYing helps our customers sell goods on Amazon through smart selection and sales analytics. Our team works daily to continue to collect the business needs of our customers, then improve their sales plans through SP-API.
Raymond YuCEO, ZYing
ZYing recently adopted SP-API to facilitate faster and more sophisticated data analytics, reporting, and more for its customers.

Solving for automation at scale

The decision to migrate to SP-API was driven by the immediate need for more efficient data analytics. With over 30,000 Amazon sellers on its platform and more than 30 million products in its library, ZYing needed a developed API solution to automate the process of data reporting and analysis.
Data analysis is very important to customers’ growth. We adopted this report because we received many requests from our customers and believe this is what they want.”
Raymond YuCEO, ZYing
As ZYing researched the benefits of SP-API further, it discovered that API adoption could also bring its customers faster timing, lower costs, and near real-time data.

APIs used

  • Reports API

Leveraging the Brand Analytics Reports

ZYing integrated the Brand Analytics Reports to provide customers with a clearer picture of their sales and branding performance, then help them optimize using analytics. Zying customers can now automatically pull reports on search terms, keywords, and individual product performance. They can then optimize their keywords, adjust their advertising strategies, and even perform keyword analysis on competitors.

With the Brand Analytics integration, ZYing was also able to build its customers a dashboard to display seller metrics ranging from sales to page views to Buy Box percentages for specific ASINs.

Replacing drag-and-drop with real-time reporting

With SP-API, Zying has been able to simplify its data management systems, save time, and improve functionality for its users. Since API-based reports can be pulled at any time, Zying customers now have access to near real-time data and analytics.
SP-API brings substantial time savings to the organization. Before SP-API, [managing] product data or price and inventory was a manual Excel file drag and drop.
Raymond YuCEO, ZYing

Planning for the future

In the future, Zying plans to add more sellers and merchants and introduce more factory terminals into its network. Its goal is to develop and streamline communication channels across the global supply chain while helping cross-border traders sell high-quality goods around the world.
SP-API has greatly improved our efficiency and freedom, allowing us to pull data for analysis at any time according to business needs and make a better sales plan.
Raymond YuCEO, ZYing
To learn more about the Brand Analytics Reports and required role, check our public documentation:
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