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Customer success story: Algo

An API-powered business intelligence platform helps Microsoft modernize its supply chain planning and data management
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About Algo

Algo is a business intelligence company that specializes in data-driven supply chain planning. Suppliers and retailers use the analytics-enriched Algo platform to plan and simulate efficient operations. The company also offers managed services.

The Algo platform helps suppliers and sellers on Amazon forecast demand, allocate inventory, manage orders, optimize pricing, and run virtual scenarios for all of the above.

Algo & Microsoft

Microsoft uses Algo’s services to assist with inventory management, forecasting, and more across all of its global sales channels, including Amazon. The consumer electronics giant used to receive its Amazon sales and inventory data via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

When it was announced that Amazon would no longer share EDI connectivity with Microsoft, Algo needed to find a new solution to continue integrating all the data feeds related to Microsoft’s supply chain.

Moving from EDI to API

With Amazon phasing out EDI compatibility across the board, it was the right time for Algo to build an SP-API solution. In addition to maintaining the flow of information between Amazon and Microsoft, APIs would enable simpler onboarding, faster data transfers, and real-time visibility into critical data. Algo decided to design an API solution for Microsoft and implement it globally.
We’re seeing an industry move from traditional EDI to API, so a developed API solution was critical for our partners. As we researched the benefits of API, we discovered quicker implementation timing, reduced costs, and live data as just some of the advantages.
Thomas BondDirector of Implementation and Customer Success, Algo

Streamlining data transfers

Before adopting API, Algo handled data management via two different workflows. The first was traditional EDI, which sometimes took six business days or more to transfer data. The second was an Excel file that was updated manually. Both took time, and both only offered a “snapshot in time” view of key business data.

“Before, we were reliant on external EDI teams to set up feeds that could take months. We can now dive into multiple layers of data with very little development time.”

- Thomas Bond, Director of Implementation and Customer Success, Algo

The API streamlined both processes into a single source that covered all of Microsoft’s data feeds and incorporated multiple types of data. Even better, the data could now be accessed anytime—and viewed in real time.

“Since API can be pulled at any time, we are not stuck with a snapshot at a time that might not work for the needs of the business.”

- Thomas Bond, Director of Implementation and Customer Success, Algo

API-powered reporting

Inventory and sales are the pillars of supply chain management. So Algo started by adopting the Inventory and Sales API data pulls for Microsoft’s data. Algo now uses APIs to gather sales data daily and inventory data weekly.

The company is now testing API-powered reports for purchase orders, forecasting, and promotional performance. Eventually, the plan is to incorporate these into Algo’s advanced analytics solution, allowing Microsoft and other Algo customers to leverage even more useful data.

APIs used

  • Inventory data pulls
  • Sales data pulls
  • Purchase order reports
  • Promotional performance reports
  • Forecasting

A global solution

Today, Algo’s goal is to build on its successes and become the industry leader in API-enabled supply chain analytics and planning. Besides Microsoft, Algo has started implementing API solutions for its partners and vendors around the world. SP-API now gives Algo the ability to pull and analyze more data for its advanced analytics solution, which benefits all of its customers.

One major benefit: replacing manual Excel reporting with an automated API process. In addition to the significant time savings, API-enabled reporting offers far better quality control. In one instance, Algo was able to identify approximately $2 million in revenue that EDI failed to report—a “massive win” for one of Algo’s partners.
SP-API has helped us develop a solution internally that impacts multiple vendors and partners across the globe…The goal is not for Algo to save on costs right now, but to invest into our solution so it is the industry best.
Thomas BondDirector of Implementation and Customer Success, Algo
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