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Data Kiosk is a secure, GraphQL-based dynamic reporting suite in Selling Partner API for accessing bulk data. Developers who build reporting solutions on behalf of Selling Partners can leverage Data Kiosk to easily discover and select data fields from a comprehensive Amazon retail dataset and generate accurate business insights.
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Amazon Data Kiosk Benefits

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Flexible Reporting

Structure custom queries to explore unique Selling Partner use-cases and address top business priorities.
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Interactive Schema Explorer

Utilize our interactive schema explorer to study the details of our repository of datasets.
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Query Completion Notifications

Receive notifications of query processing completion. No polling required to check the status.
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Efficient API Calls

No more under-fetching or over-fetching from Reports API to get the desired data. Only get the data you require with minimal API calls.

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JSONL reports

All reports are vended in a scalable JSONL format.
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Secure Data Access

Request visibility is limited to requests submitted by a given application, ensuring security of Selling Partner data.

How can developers use Data Kiosk?

Sales and Traffic data: The Sales and Traffic data provides key retail sales performance metrics such as ordered/shipped revenue and units, along with page traffic metrics. It helps in understanding overall sales performance and website traffic such as page views and buy box percentage of the seller’s entire catalog of items aggregated by date and ASIN.


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Use case guide

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Frequently asked questions

How is Data Kiosk different from the Reports API?
Some features of Data Kiosk that differentiate it from the Reports API include:

1. Detailed interactive documentation: All data set schemas and data field definitions within Data Kiosk are publicy available. Data Kiosk also provides an interactive Schema Explorer complete with documentation and a query builder, which allows you to build custom queries to request custom reports.

2. Domain-based datasets: Data Kiosk uses GraphQL, which allows dynamic report generation and advanced filtering and querying capabilities. You no longer have to call multiple reports, slice, and reconstruct them to create the schema that suits your needs.

3. Schema updates: Data Kiosk uses GraphQL for a schema-first approach, which allows for continuous evolution of interfaces and safe data field updates. In this way, report schemas can be updated without breaking your integration.

4. Reporting format: Data Kiosk provides all results in JSONL (JSON Lines) format, reducing the complexity of parsing.

5. Pagination: Data Kiosk provides a nextToken that can be used in subsequent requests to retrieve the next page of data when size limits are exceeded.

6. Security: Data Kiosk request visibility is limited to requests submitted by a given application, ensuring the security of selling partner data.
Does this mean that Reports API will be deprecated?

Data Kiosk has all the functionality that the Reports API currently has and more. Reports within the Reports API will be deprecated after they are onboarded to Data Kiosk. You can find up-to-date deprecation dates in the SP-API deprecations table. Eventually, Data Kiosk will be the standard reporting platform for selling partner data.
What data can I get in Data Kiosk today?
Data Kiosk currently hosts Seller Sales and Traffic Data. Find details of the dataset in the schema explorer.
How does Data Kiosk keep selling partner data secure?
Each field available with Data Kiosk requires a certain role. Data Kiosk determines whether the requester has the required role(s) for each field in the query upon query creation. This authorization paradigm is much more granular than the Reports API. Additionally, queries are only visible to the requester.
How do I get started with Data Kiosk?
Go to the Data Kiosk user guide to get started with Data Kiosk.
What roles are required to access Data Kiosk?
Data Kiosk follows the standard role assignment and approval guidelines for all Selling Partner APIs. To find details of Selling Partner API roles and the approval process, refer to Roles in the Selling Partner API.
Where is Data Kiosk available?
Data Kiosk is available globally in all SP-API regions, including NA, EU, and FE.
How can I stay informed about new dataset launches in Data Kiosk?
You can find details of all the datasets available in Data Kiosk in the Data Kiosk Schema Explorer. Be on the lookout for new dataset launch announcements in your inbox as well as on the Selling Partner API announcements page.
Can I request that certain data be available through Data Kiosk?
Yes. You can submit your feedback on GitHub by opening an issue with the Data Request label.
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