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Customer success story: Amastream

An international cloud-based ecommerce platform using Shipping APIs to help its customers simplify their shipping experience.
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About Amastream

Amastream is a Japanese ecommerce SaaS platform that has been serving Amazon sellers for over a decade. With a comprehensive set of tools and integrations, Amastream helps merchants manage and improve their operations with time-saving automations. Recently, Amastream migrated from MWS to SP-API, which supports a wider variety of features.
We are always trying to pioneer new features. Our goal is to improve the routine work done by sellers. Our advantage is our agility: We often complete development and deployment for a new feature in just two hours.
Kitazawa TakuyaCEO, App5

Stacking APIs for a plug-and-play solution

Taking shipping further with API

In October 2022, Amazon released v2 of its Shipping API in Japan. Amastream started developing right away. The goal was to eliminate some of the most tedious manual steps of the shipping process, like logging unshipped orders and cataloging inventory.
When the new Shipping API launched in the Japanese market, we immediately jumped on the opportunity. We developed an improved Buy Shipping feature with multiple API integrations to help minimize processing times and make sellers’ lives that much easier.
Kitazawa TakuyaCEO, App5

Getting the user perspective

Amastream knew that to make shipping better for high-volume Amazon sellers, it needed to hear their concerns. After launching the new feature, the developers gathered feedback from users to discover key areas of improvement.
We value transparency and open communication with our customers, so their feedback on the new shipping feature was invaluable. One user shared that with the improvements we helped reduce their processing time by 75%.
Kitazawa TakuyaCEO, App5

Solution spotlight: Shipping API

Amastream’s new Buy Shipping feature combines Shipping API with a range of other API integrations, including Catalog Items, Reports, Feeds, and Orders. Now, first-time users can follow just six steps:
    1. Capture Unshipped Orders
    2. Input Size
    3. Select Box
    4. Estimate Shipping Rate
    5. Buy and Print Shipping Label
    6. Print Packing List and Pick List
The Amastream app then pre-sets the values for steps 2-4, simplifying all subsequent orders to a three-step shipping process.
By automating the shipping process through SP-API, we’re not only able to save users time and eliminate manual errors — we also give them the tools to serve their own customers better. Sellers can even personalize delivery notes with a special thank you message to each buyer.
Kitazawa TakuyaCEO, App5

New features, new possibilities

With the success of the SP-API implementation, Amastream has been able to transform the shipping process and improve the customer experience— but they aren’t stopping there. Now, the company is exploring ways to push Buy Shipping even further.
Next, we plan to add a new mechanism that will enable multi-channel shipping by incorporating external order files. Thanks to Amazon’s wide range of available APIs, we can develop features like this that will continue to make customers’ lives easier in the future.
Kitazawa TakuyaCEO, App5
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Nagano, Japan

System development, EC/Logistics consulting

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